The Lord is risen! Let us rejoice exultantly. He has transformed His Passion and Death into glorious victory.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has given it new meaning and value to our human status. With His redeeming grace, Jesus has made us adopted children of God, co-heirs with Him in His everlasting Kingdom. 

Saint Augustine said, “We are the Easter people. Alleluia is our song.”  Faith in the resurrection of Our Lord gives us deep joy in the conviction that our suffering here is not the end.  The risen Lord will transform our cross, suffering, and pain into a great victory. With Christ, we die to our sins, and in Christ, we rise to new life with Him. 

Jesus Christ died and rose for all. He is true hope for every human being.  May the Risen Lord fill you with His peace and everlasting joy.

Mother Mary Joseph and all Sisters of Terre Haute Carmel