The Holy Season
of Lent


 "Lord, throughout these forty days
for us did fast and pray,
teach us with you to mourn our sins
and close by you to stay."
Ash Wednesday, with the imposition of ashes on our forehead, we enter the Holy Season of Lent.  Ash is sign of repentance which reminds us that we are from dust and unto dust we will return. It’s a sign of our intent to die to the worldly desires to live in Christ.

Lent is the period 40 days dedicated prayer, to fasting, to works of charity, and to the disciplines that purify us and renew us in our commitment to follow Christ.  

Dear Friends, Lent is the special time of grace that Jesus calls us to imitate Him as He had fasted for forty days and forty nights in the desert before He entered His Passion. We invite you to join us as we set out on our Lenten journey in prayer, sacrifice and works of charity so that we will be transformed in heart and spirit to take part in the Pascal Mystery of Our Lord and to share in the joy of His Resurrection. 

Pope Francis has taught that by our fasting and self-denial we can enrich others.

Candle-lent2019.png Fast from HURTING WORDS and say KIND WORDS.
Fast from SADNESS and be filled with GRATITUDE.
Fast from ANGER and be filled with PATIENCE.
Fast from PESSIMISM and be filled with HOPE.
Fast from WORRIES and have TRUST in God.
Fast from COMPLAINTS and contemplate SIMPLICITY.
Fast from BITTERNESS and fill your hearts with JOY.
Fast from SELFISHNESS and be COMPASSIONATE to others.   
Fast from GRUDGES and be RECONCILED.
Fast from WORDS and be SILENT so you can listen.
Let us open our hearts to the suggestion of grace. Let us reflect and examine ourselves with sincerity what keeps us away from God and others, so that together with all the faithful, we would share in the intense joy of Easter.

May Our Blessed Mother assist us in our journey toward Christ and help us bear fruits of conversion.

We wish you a grace-filled and fruitful Lent.

From Mother Ann and Terre Haute Carmelite Nuns.