Novena of Saint

Dear Friends,

Please pray with us during our novena to Saint Joseph

March 11-19




St. Joseph is remembered
for his faith and work and trust
for his dreams and his obedience,
For being chaste and just.

The world needs all these virtues
Yet we must ourselves remind
The family virtue underneath
Is simply to be kind.

For he was kind to Mary 
and to Jesus, all his life
Yet kindness doesn’t make the news
Like arrogance and strife.

Let kindness blossom out anew
Within our hearts and homes,
spread to our workplace, country, world
and everywhere be shown!



Novena Prayer 

St. Joseph, in Nazareth, you built up a home of kindness from the reverence and love you felt toward Jesus and Mary. It was a manly kindness as head of the household, but exercised in a spirit of humble service to those whom God had entrusted to your care.

Help us to sweeten and soften the burdens of daily life by our kindness toward one another. May this kindness spread to all with whom we have contact, our neighbors, co-workers, and even those who show us no kindness in return.

Look with compassion on the needs we bring to your intercession. Intercede for us with our Heavenly Father, the hidden Origin of kindness Who cares tenderly for us all. Amen.