Novena to Saint



 Dear Friends,

Please pray with us during our novena to

Saint Joseph

March 12-20


Together with Mary, 
Joseph is the first guardian 
of this Divine Mystery...
and he supports his spouse 
in the faith of the Divine Annunciation.

                                        --St. John Paul II

He, too, had to believe the words of an angel,
To adore the divine mystery enclosed in Mary’s womb,
Yet he was her betrothed, and loved her tenderly.

He wrapped his manly life like a cloak about her shoulders,
Protecting her virginity, at his own expense.
Masculine, yet loving, he kept her from all harm.

He was husband, he was father, he provided and he taught.
He made a family home of a small house in Nazareth.
He was human to the core, Mary’s partner and her friend.

Yet living in such company, how holy he became!
None saintlier than he, Companion of God’s Mother!
None stronger, yet more reverent in his husband’s love.


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St. Joseph, you were the quiet, sheltering presence at Mary’s side, protector and provider, companion and friend. May your love for the holy Virgin be a help to our families, and a bulwark against all attacks on the sanctity of our homes.

We bring to you all the needs of our dear ones, as Mary once brought to you the needs of the Child Jesus. Take care of us as you once took care of them.  Intercede for us with our Heavenly Father, who gave you the sublime vocation and joy to be spouse of the Holy Virgin. Amen.