Silver Jubilee of Sister
Marianna of Divine Mercy

On the Eve of the solemnity of Our Holy Mother Saint Teresa of Jesus,  Oct 14, 2017 our community together with Sister Marianna's family and friends shared the joy of celebrating Silver Jubilee of Sister Marianna of Divine Mercy.


"For ever will I sing
      the mercy of the Lord."

 Sister Marianna of Divine Mercy, OCD 

Silver Jubilee



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Family and friends joined the community to celebrate the Holy Mass.


Sister Marianna received blessing from Fr. Jude Peter, our Provincal and then renewed her vows in the hands of Mother Anne.

"I, Sr. Marianna of Divine Mercy desiring to live faithfully a life of allegiance to Jesus Christ, renew to Almighty God forever, my vows of chastity, poverty and obedience according to the Rule and constitutions of the Discalced Nuns of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel..."


Mother Anne crowned Sr. Marianna after her renovation of vows.

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Celebration with family and friends in the lodge after mass.


The Bridal cake was lovingly made and decorated by the sisters to celebrate Sr.  Marianna's Silver Jubilee.


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Sister Marianna's aunt, brother and sister along with her nephews and grand children came from Alaska, California, Texas and Washington to celebrate her silver jubilee. 

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The celebration continued on with Sister's Marianna's family joining the Sisters for a special entertainment in the evening with singing and sharing stories...

pray.png"Our hearts are filled with wonder 
as we contemplate your works, O Lord!"


We are grateful to all our friends and Sister Marianna's family who have come to celebrate, support and share our joy. 

May the gift of Sr. Marianna's life given to God and the Church through her sacrifice and prayer continue to bring abundant blessings on her and the world.