Carmel is
a Flame...

a quiet flame, like a candle held in a woman's hand, or set in a window at dusk.

Does this small spark - this life of prayer - serve the Church and our world of the third Millennium? The Gospel tells us of Christ's use of the simplest things: water, light, bread, salt, wine. 

The touch of Christ turned them into blessings. So the simple life of Carmel is touched with the divine mystery and turned into a sign of God's Presence, a witness in today's world. 

  • Carmel is a silence
    that is broken by a song.
  • It is a desert
    where the Spirit sows seeds of joy that bloom and come to fruitfulness under the profound action of God.
  • It is the hidden work
    of the Spirit that gives fecundity to the apostolic tradition of Carmel.
  • It is the wind of hope
    that scatters the frail seeds of prayer upon the world, and the Divine Life is generated..hermitage.png

Hermitage - Solitude 


For a daughter of Carmel, the idea of the hermitage is like the fragrance of an old herb garden, ancient and yet familar.

It is something instantly recognized as belonging to the Order, as a precious legacy that comes straight from our Holy Mother, St. Teresa.  

Our primitive sources are the hermits of Mt. Carmel of the 12th century, and through them the long tradition of hermit life "in the strength and spirit" of our Father, the Prophet Elijah, the model and prototype of contemplative prayer.

Our hermitage encompasses this distinctive mixture of fiery zeal and shattered humanness that the greatest of the prophets typified.  We also shall be revived, first all all by the Bread of the Eucharist, but also by prayer in solitude where we, too, shall be able to walk in the strength of the One Bread Who is Christ, on our long journey to the mountain of God.



Her life becomes truly authentic as she strives to "become prayer" in the heart of the Church. 




The source and summit of the sister’s life is the Liturgy and Eucharistic Sacrifice, from which her personal dedication and joyous community-sharing draw their value. By her prayer for the Holy Father, theologians and priests, and for all who entrust their concerns to the community, she shares in the evangelization of the people of our time.


You would find as the primary goal, a life in which everything is focused on favoring the deepening and development of a life of prayer, centered around the daily celebration of the Eucharist.

It includes two hours of solitary meditation, one in the early morning and the other in late afternoon.

          transfiguration-oratory.png          praying-before-the-tabernacle.png


The recitation of the Divine Office.  This Prayer of the Church is composed of hymns, psalms, and readings from the Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church and other holy men and women. It creates a rhythm that helps each sister pass from periods of work, community recreation and private spiritual reading to the great liturgical Prayer of the Church in union with Jesus Christ, the one Mediator with the Father, for the whole world.


By her participation in the various tasks and projects of the monastery she earns her living, in solidarity with all who work to earn their daily bread.

Printing novenas

SMartha-with-the-press-printer.png    martha-and-MG-printshop.png

Writing Icons and Painting

MG-painting-small-icon2.png   MG-drawing.png

Gardening and havesting

fall-harvest-2.png   CJ-garden.png

picking-blackberries.png   SA-and-MA-picking-peaches.png

Bee Keeping

3-nuns-with-bees.png  smoking-bees_2.png

Sewing - Making habits and veils

Susanna-sewing.png    Teresa_sewing2.png

Maintaining the website                 Bookkeeping

working-on-website-2.png        SMA_bookeeping2.png

Knitting and Crocheting               Making rosaries

3-nuns-knitting.png       EM-and-B_making-rosaries.png

Cataloguing books                      Packing & shipping

Christine-in-library.png  Emily_shipping-room2.png

Recreation - Having fun!

 snowing.png   Susanna-and-Chrisine.png

novices-playing-game.png   scrabble3.png