Reconstruction of
our bell tower begins

Dear Friends, We would like to share with
you the good news!  We have started the
restoration project of the bell tower here on
Carmel's Height.

Our bell tower is 80 feet tall with three bells of ascending tones. For 50 years, our bells have rung five times a day to announce that the Nuns are gathering to pray their liturgy, for you, for the Church, and for the world. The sound of the bells is a solemn reminder of our living God and an invitation to join us in prayer.

Fifty years of exposure to the harsh winter weather and three earthquakes, in 1968, 1987, and 2002 have severely damaged our bell tower. The narrow portion of the tower must be completely removed, the bells taken down, and the whole section rebuilt.

We are grateful for the generous support that has made it possible for us to begin the project. We ask for your continued help to successfully complete rebuilding the bell tower. Our life of prayer and maintaining our monastery depend on your love and your generosity.

As the work progresses, we will update our website with new pictures of the happenings on the Carmel's Height.  

   Preliminary-consultation.png Mother-Anne-signs-contract.png

Preliminary consultation               Mother Anne signed the contract

Examing-Bell-Tower-for-repair.png Examing-Bell-Tower-for-repair-with-Sisters-looking.png    

Examining bell tower for repair

Cut-down-tree.png  bushes-demolish.png

Trees and bushes were cut down

make-road1.png  make-road2.png

Making road to bring in heavy equipment