Merry Christmas!


Christmas is a very human, down to earth time of the year. It is a time for families getting together, good food, holiday treats, Christmas trees, shared meals, lots of decorations, singing Christmas carols, affectionate gift-giving and every kind of cultural tradition.

It seems God wanted the Christmas tradition to develop in this way, since He began the whole process when His Word became Flesh. Jesus was human like us, and He delighted in every human joy. He would want us to be His presence again in the midst of our own circle of influence, spreading light, warmth, caring, compassion and gladness wherever we go.

Christmas is the Feast of Love incarnate, of Love born for us in Christ Jesus!
Pope Francis


Let us bring true joy into the beautiful Christmas season, rooted and founded in Jesus, who wants to become one of us and to bring the light of His divine joy into the world again.

May the peace and joy of the Child Jesus be with you and your loved ones this Christmas season and throughout the year!