Our Lady
of Mt. Carmel

The history of Carmel overflows with the presence of the Virgin Mary...


Carmel is the mountain of Mary.

The history of the Order overflows with the presence of the Virgin Mary. It began on Mount Carmel where the first hermits dedicated to her a little chapel. 

According to the Wisdom books in Scripture and the Fathers of the Church, the beauty and sanctity of Carmel points to and symbolizes the exalted place that Mary the Mother of God holds in His plan of salvation.

" Our blessed Lady is the model of Carmel, and of those souls who receive the gift of faith and preserve it for God in silence and adoration ".

Fr. General Anastasius,O.C.D


Flower of Carmel

Blossoming Vine,

Splendor of heaven!

Child-Bearing Virgin,

Immaculate one,

Yet tender Mother,

On all Carmel's children

Graces bestow,

Star of the Sea!


 Mount Carmel

From ancient times, Mount Carmel has been considered a sacred place, and biblically is referenced often as a symbol of beauty and fertility.


It is on this Mountain the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and defended the purity of Israel’s faith in the living God.
(1 Kgs 18:19-40)

The Prophet Elijah


Carmelite Order

The Carmelite Order was founded on Mount Carmel in 12th century, a group of men who were pilgrims and possibly crusaders from Europe withdrew to Mount Carmel and settled near the spring of the Prophet Elijah.




 nuns-praying-by-OL-in-the-cloister.png    Lady of the Place

They built the chapel in honor of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and chose her as "The Lady of the Place." Formed in chivalry as they were, this title signifies their deep devotion and fidelity to Mary and to her Divine Son.


Since then, Mary has became known to all Carmelites as "Flower of Carmel, Mother and Patroness, Sister and Model on our journey towards the 'mountain of God, Christ the Lord.'"